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Visit our clinic today for a free no-obligation consultation with our friendly hair loss specialists who will examine your hair and go over in detail the treatments available to you. When it comes to effective and long-lasting hair treatment, hair transplants provide the ideal solution and here at Longevita, we are proud of our incredible knowledge and skill in providing high-quality transplants. While traditional FUE transplants take place in our clinics in Turkey, we offer full hair transplant consultations in the UK orPRP injectionson home soil.
Before discussing surgery, we ensure patients blood test results have been thoroughly analysed and any nutritional deficiencies optomised. We examine patient’s scalps carefully, ensuring the scalp tissue is free from disease. If there is any uncertainty, we can refer them to a member of out expert trichology team for the appropiate non surgical management. Crown Clinic has put together some of our most frequently asked questions about hair loss and hair transplants. Proper aftercare is a very important part of the hair transplant process, so you must adhere to the instructions provided in your care plan to ensure optimum healing. Crown Clinic has a very detailedaftercare planthat gives you day-by-day instructions to make the process as easy as possible.

We appreciate a team 'is only as good as the sum of its parts'. We have accrued an enviable reputation in the field of hair transplantation with both peers and patients. This reputation has built a solid and diverse network of trust in our community. To learn about the UK’s leading provider of women’s hair loss solutions please visit
We have made it our mission to provide clients top grade hair transplants without them having to be on a ‘footballers salary’. “As someone who suffered from hair loss in my early thirties, I know exactly how a person’s self-confidence can wither. I spent the best part of a decade living with the fact that this was going to be the way I looked forever. Like most people I thought that a hair transplant was only for the ‘rich & famous’. You need to know how we can restore your hair and also stop further hair loss. If you’re looking for the cheapest quote, we strongly suggest you contact us to learn about what makes a good hair transplant before you commit to anything.

To arrange a consultation at one of our locations, or to get quick free advice from one of our specialists, please contact us. Following your treatment, there will be no linear scarring across the back of your head, meaning that you are free to wear your hair how you like. Unlike the FUT procedure, more commonly known as the strip procedure, you won’t require any stitches after your treatment. We are in the midst of a pandemic and it is essential that we maintain the safety of our patients as staff above all else. Before attending Rejuvence Clinic for your appointment please review the following safety guidelines. This can amount to about 3500 to more than 4000 hairs again depending on individual hairs.
Dr. Malkani maintained a professional and friendly manner throughout the day and made sure I was comfortable at all times of the procedure. His team on the day were also very friendly and reassured me throughout the process. Overall I’m really happy with how the day went and how I was looked after. I’m very likely to recommend Dr. Malkani to anyone who is thinking of having FUE as already I can see what a great job he and his team have done. I’m looking forward to seeing the results in the upcoming weeks. If possible, we highly recommend our patients attend a preliminary consultation in our clinic in Istanbul.
Gone are the days of having low self-esteem because your hair isn’t as dense as it used to be. I have had several different treatments from Este medical in Birmingham to all which have been to a very high standard. The staff are very friendly, the treatments have given such amazing results.

FUE involves follicular units being taken individually from the donor area of the scalp without the need for a linear incision. Instead, a 1mm specialist punch tool is used to extract the individual follicles from the scalp. This method differs from FUT where a donor strip of skin is taken and the follicular units are microscopically dissected from that strip.
Hair loss or balding is a major concern today and it has left many with low self-confidence, depressed or stressed out. As a team trained and experienced in hair transplantation and restorative approaches, we believe that hair loss or hair thinning whether due to genetics, ageing, or trauma has a solution. When you sign up for a consultation at our hair transplant clinic in London, we can help you diagnose and offer an effective solution to stop hair loss or regrow your hair.

Dr Aygin was among the very first doctors in Turkey to perform hair transplants and has continued to aid in the field’s development ever since. If you are like me and trying to decide whether to take the plunge and get a hair transplant, all I can say is choose Surgery Group and Do it. After researching for months between travelling abroad, contacting different clinics through the UK, I finally came across Surgery Group.
He is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and is fully registered with the General Medical Council with a licence to practice. Dr Ted has attended International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery conferences and educational events around the world including Los Angeles and Prague recently. Dr Ted is actively involved with The British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery where he is listed as an affiliate member.

All our surgeries are performed in our state of the art clinics by world famous, highly recommended and accredited hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Asim Shahmalak. Our expert FUE hair transplant procedures have transformed the lives of many. At City Clinics, we know the process is not just about receiving a new hairline; it's about instilling you with the confidence and satisfaction that you deserve. The team at HRBR are experts in the FUE technique of hair transplantation, with over 10 years’ experience in the procedure. Fortes Hair & Skin Clinic takes pride in offering the best hair transplant services across the UK. Today, almost everyone is scared of losing their hair, but thanks to our quality Hair Transplant in London, you don’t have to be afraid anymore.
Centre for Surgery is the leading cosmetic surgery clinic in London. Our plastic surgeons, aesthetic practitioners, varicose vein specialists and hair transplant surgeons are renowned in their field for creating natural results. We are one of the very few cosmetic surgery clinics in London to offer the full range of non-surgical and surgical treatments from both of our clinics located in Marylebone. unshaven hair transplant Our medical experts are super-specialised and perform procedures and treatments within a narrow scope to optimise outcomes. Our aftercare programme has recently been described as 'outstanding' by the CQC. Clinic Center’s partner hair specialists provide FUE hair transplants with the assistance of Clinic Center Turkey to its patients with high-quality service at an affordable cost.

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