Using The HR Process To Make The HR Function More Strategic

In this unsettled global business climate, it is imperative that managers and leaders have a clear idea of what their employees are needing and expecting. These were reflected in the actual name that we devised for the coaching program - ‘CAN Coaching' - and the notion of a ‘can-do attitude' which was defined as; a willingness to tackle a job and get it done; being confident and resourceful in the face of challenges; and characterised by vibrant, purposeful action - clearly highly relevant to coaching.
Motivated by her passion for people, team & organisation development and her deep belief that people are creative, resourceful and full of potential, Cathleen is keen to contribute to the success of her clients through her highly committed, client-centric and whole person devoted (head, heart and behaviour) coaching interventions.

Other recent assignments include delivering 360-degree debriefing and coaching for the Department of Environment and Energy's SES Resilience Program, 360-degree feedback and leadership coaching for Mastering Leadership participants at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, and 360 degree debriefing for senior staff at the Australian Research Council.
3. What is Executive CoachingExecutive Coaching is working withsuccessful Business Leaders andExecutives who wish to improve theireffectiveness; enhance theirmanagement style; improve results;develop their ability to influence;progress Leadership skills andperformance; and achieve personal andorganizational goals.

With individual needs varying considerably, executive coaching provides opportunities to develop fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhance decision-making skills, create greater interpersonal effectiveness, improve leadership performance, overcome work-related anxiety, and increase confidence.
No matter how much your HR or leadership team invests in recognition or human workplace practices, much of an individual's experience at work is directly shaped by their relationship with their manager ( read a personal story about that here from Lynne Levy, Globoforce's director of product management).
Aligning with Briner's (2012) criticism of coaching research, the quality of existing coaching evidence is questionable, for instance the rigorousness of the research methodology and outcome evaluations; the appropriateness of sampling strategies ( Athanasopoulou and Dopson, 2018 ; Grover and Furnham, 2016 ). Regarding coaching as an intervention for developing people (either behaviourally or psychologically), fundamental questions concerning the effectiveness of coaching and the factors essential for an effective coaching outcome need to be answered through the scientific research process.

Our team has developed highly regarded, unique HR consulting practice with exclusive candidate-centric offerings, and partnerships with many of the top global executive search firms, to provide one of the most comprehensive career and talent management services available in the region.
I also mentioned the exciting opportunity you have in front of you right now, without having to rush out and hire rainmakers and experienced sellers; because with the right tools and strategies, you can develop your own team of highly process directed and motivated sellers yourself.

Our team has extensive experience in a wide range of areas including executive and management coaching, productivity coaching and training, psychometric assessments, human resources management and advice, learning and development, training and facilitation.
Gentle reminders such as emailing tips to leaders on a weekly or twice-weekly basis not only refresh memories of specific coaching techniques, but also prompt them to apply coaching skills on a day-to-day basis in the workplace, both with others and, just as importantly, with themselves.

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