Nasal Dilator In Cases Of Nasal Obstruction

The AIRMAX® Nasal Dilator for better sleep and better breathing is supplied by McKeon Products, Inc - a health care products provider for over 50 years. In this exploratory study, both the asymmetric butterfly prototype and the currently marketed BRNS clear strip significantly improved some subjective measures of nasal congestion and sleep compared with placebo in subjects with moderate to severe chronic nocturnal nasal congestion and sleep difficulties.
Metabolic gas analysis was not performed in this study because the more practical comparison we were seeking (LT) did not require this measurement and because we lacked the specific mask that would allow for oronasal breathing during the oxygen consumption test.

A method for delivering a nasal spray into a patient's nose includes the steps of providing the nasal spray delivery guide, inserting the guide elements at least partially into respective nostrils of the patient, inserting at least a portion of a nasal spray delivery device into one of the guide elements, and activating the nasal spray delivery device to deliver a nasal spray to a lateral wall of the respective nasal cavity.
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One external dilator improved my breathing from 60% of normal to only about 70%, and the strong adhesive force irratated my skin which became red after only a few days of use; these characteristics are inherent in all external dilators, to be discussed.
By contrast, because in the present invention the spring-force is independent of the stick-force, the adhesive-area on the skin and the stick-force can inherently be much smaller than for all external dilators, since the adhesive only must keep the dilator from falling out, as discussed.
This nose dilator is usually used by athletes, people who have operated on the nose, people with sleep problems like snoring or sleep apnea, people with nasal narrowing, CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) patients to improve the pressure relief, and people with chronic nasal congestion.

Abstract: A nasal spray delivery guide including a pair of guide elements spaced apart from one another and configured to be at least partially inserted into respective nostrils of a patient, and a flexible connector element attached to and extending between the guide elements.
The direct widening of the nasal entrance has a positive effect on snoring , nasal congestion due to colds or allergies and sleep apnoea Many women have reported using Airmax® during their pregnancy to relieve nasal congestion as a result of changes is their endocrine system.

A questionnaire was designed to evaluate the level of satisfaction with the given treatment and included questions regarding the impact of the treatment on sleep quality, feelings upon waking, difficulty falling asleep, and satisfaction with the treatment effect concerning daytime sleepiness.
21. A nasal dilator as defined in claim 6; and said flexible nasal strip also including small non-adhesive portions at the very ends thereof, to enable easy peeling of said adhesive segment by the wearer for removal thereof from said outer surfaces of said nostril walls.

3. A nasal dilator comprising in combination: spreading means having a portion for insertion in the nasal opening to act on at least one nostril wall of the wearer for increasing said nasal opening to improve the breathing of the wearer; and retaining means including a flexible strip operatively connected to said spreading means and having adhesive means adapted to be pressed onto the outer nasal surface by the wearer, for preventing said dilator from falling out of said nasal opening.

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