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These days, rap music is such a significant part of popular culture that it is difficult to imagine that there was ever a time without it. However, the truth is that rap has only been in the mainstream music market for just over thirty years. In the same decade, shuffle culture opened up the entire history of music, and it was no longer necessary to endure the raised eyebrow of a record shop employee while attempting to purchase a Justin Timberlake single alongside an Arctic Monkeys album.
Given the unconventional lifestyles often associated with paid musicianship - such as late or irregular hours and periodic sleep deprivation - it is likely, Miller says, that professional musicians constitute an especially fertile demographic for energy drinks, which derive their pharmacological impact primarily from caffeine.

Some of the newer artists wield a smaller vocabulary comparatively, but this is not because hip hop has dumbed down.” The genre has evolved; it has moved away from complex lyricism toward elements traditionally associated with pop music: repetitive song structure and singing (Joe Carmanica recently wrote about this trend for the New York Times, arguing that it was led by Drake, who popularized the rapping-and-singing formula over the past decade).
Clyde McPhatter, The Ventures, Aretha Franklin, The Who, Bob Marley, Prince, The Wu-Tang Clan and Green Day all have distinct subgenres they fit in, and would be Basejumping out of place if you moved them into one another's specific style, yet they're all classified as rock music because that's where their primary musical DNA lies.

They emerged in the mainstream in 1988, led by a series of multimillion-selling acts: Korn (tormented Bakersfield, California metalheads with a human-beatboxing singer in a kilt), Limp Bizkit (Korn's loose-screw stepbrothers), and Kid Rock (wack MC turned country-rock yahoo).
OR you can accept that rock evolves and look to trace how and where that evolution led and accept it ALL as rock, no matter how far it stretched from the source and no matter how disparate it is from other stylistic evolutions that went in other directions at the same time and no matter how much you personally may dislike or feel alienated from some of those styles when they emerge.

After the assessment of various traits pertaining to adolescent rebelliousness, respondents were placed in a private situation that allowed them to listen to selections of an assortment of upbeat songs with either socially defiant or non-defiant messages.

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