Bitcoin's MasterCard

A borderless payment platform - spend and exchange crypto & traditional currency. Wirex announced on January 9, 2018 the termination of service of prepaid debit cryptocurrency cards by gibralatrsky company WaveCrest in connection with the requirement of Visa As WaveCrest acted as the card issuer of Wirex, this event led to the temporary termination of their work.
You can use fiat currency to buy cryptocurrency or vice versa. The Luxembourg-regulated Payment Institution combines multi-currency IBAN accounts, FX, global transfers, and bitcoin price ePayments into one easy-to-use cloud-based platform. Wirex has PCI DSS certification, which is the highest level of security certification for the payment card industry.

Pavel Matveev was one of the first in the space to realise the potential of cryptocurrency to provide a quicker and more cost-efficient way to send and receive money; Wirex was created to allow people to use this versatile, tokenised currency in day-to-day life and help facilitate its mainstream adoption.
The rigid geometric qualities of this typeface establish the sense of a digitally-led, modular aesthetic of the brand's visual identity; while a vivid colour palette of Dark Green and Light Green are used in tandem with various shades of pastels and greys to differentiate Wirex's standard and premium payment cards.
If you choose to order your Visa via a web browser, you will need to go to the Wirex dashboard and click on the "Order cards." This step is followed by the selection of the preferred base currency card after which you can click on Get the card.” Double check all the personal details and click on the Place order” button to submit your application.

With the popularity of cryptocurrencies amongst consumers on the rise, Contis' award-winning, end-to-end banking and payments processing platform will continue their transition into mainstream financial services in an unprecedented move for the payments industry.
Founded in 2013, ONPEX persistently strives to add simplicity, transparency, and automation to the banking and payments industry. Wirex combines the speed and flexibility of blockchain finance with the acceptance of traditional currency in one account. Additionally, there are no annual fees for the cards if you spend more than $1,000 in a year—if you don't, the fee is still smaller compared to other options, only $10.

The cryptocurrency market is rapidly disrupting traditional financial systems and it's no surprise that the power of our platform is further accelerating this. With over 1 billion transactions in 2018, Wirex launched its debit card several months ago which immediately became popular around the world.
Wirex is an FCA regulated company (and a Money Service Business registered with FINTRAC in Canada), with over 2 million clients in 130 countries, processing over $2 billion in transactions every year. Contactless bitcoin payments, contactless cards, additional currencies and new bitcoin-based financial products are also planned to be launched soon.

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