Baton Rouge Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Construction is a necessary inconvenience. The reason our injury lawyers have been recognized by leading legal peer review organizations such as Best Lawyers®, Best Law Firms® and Super Lawyers is clear - extensive experience handling referrals of complex and difficult personal injury and wrongful death cases from lawyers around the world.
These cases are often complex and require the collaboration of our experienced attorneys and experts to ensure that the defendants and the jury fully understand the emotional and physical pain that you have already suffered, and will continue to endure for the rest of your life.

Far too many injury victims are desperate enough for any compensation to help defray their ever-increasing medical debt that they jump at the initial offer, not realizing that if they had held out and contacted an attorney, they could have won far more compensation.
Losses related to physical pain, emotional pain and suffering, lost wages and earning capacity, legal representation and trial Baton Rouge Truck Accident Lawyer costs, disability adjustments and home care, loss of companionship, and more are all potentially on the table for a victim.

Whether you were injured in a truck or motorcycle crash or through medical malpractice —or even if your loved one died in an accident —we can provide the sound legal counsel and high-caliber representation you'll need to bring your personal injury claim to a successful conclusion.
While insurers routinely fight to award only the most minimal of payments, the law provides for people who have suffered serious injuries caused by another's negligence to seek recovery of monies for medical costs, surgery and other related expenses.

At The Koederitz Law Firm, LLC we do not represent large corporations, insurers, or other institutions, but instead we advocate the rights of consumers, workers, or other people who have been injured or otherwise wronged by dangerous drivers, large corporations, or others.
A personal injury attorney at Manasseh, Gill, Knipe & Bélanger in Baton Rouge, LA, can look at the facts of your case and determine whether you have a legally valid claim, how soon you must act to preserve your rights, the damages to which you may be entitled and whether you may be entitled to some type of financial benefits before your lawsuit is even resolved.

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